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Hottest thing in gay porn
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I love to look at a guys hole when he's having an orgasm. Watchin it snapping open and shut always gets me off. Any1 else like this. Any good examples?

Dear Abby says that you are addicted to sex
if you have sex more than three times a day,
and that you should seek professional help.
I have news for Dear Abby:
The only way I am going to get sex
three times a day is if I seek professional help.


The Top 16 Signs You Put Your Kid in the Wrong Pre-School

16> Child comes home without glasses claiming to have lost
them in a game of "Lord of the Flies."

15> your son thinks making hand-puppets requires a paper
bag, some water paints, and no pants.

14> "OK, kids! Gather 'round the pentagram for sing-a-long

13> Potty training involves a lighter, a clip and rolling papers.

12> First school fund-raiser is for the Salman Rushdie fatwa reward prize.

11> No student has ever jumped from Mary Margaret's School for the
Gender Ambiguous directly into the NBA.

10> Practice of "trapping and killing your lunch" not mentioned in brochure.

9> Leather-clad teacher announces that today's letters are S and M.

8> Two words: Full Montessori

7> The classroom hamster is really just a wad of cotton from an aspirin bottle.

6> She can't say her ABC's, but she can re-sole your Nikes in 20 seconds flat.

5> Even the baby bottles have pierced nipples.

4> For snack time, it's always anchovies and Clamato.

3> "Do-Bee" always seems to have the munchies.

2> The teacher sends home a note reading, "Your snot-nosed little kid
keeps getting into my tequila."

1> On the first day, the children are divided into "pimps" and "hos."


~~~ Marriage is like taking a hot bath. After you've been in it for a while
... it isn't so hot.

~~~ I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end
and think, 'Well, that's not going to happen.'

~~~ While playing a poker game, if you look around the table and can't
tell who the sucker is -- it's you.

~~~ Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying
of nothing.

~~~ I asked Mom if I was a gifted child ... she said they certainly
wouldn't have paid for me.

~~~ Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder these days no
one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to.

~~~ According to a recent survey, men say the first thing they notice
about a woman is their eyes.
And women say the first thing they notice about men is they're a
bunch of liars.

~~~ Whenever I feel blue, I just start breathing again.

~~~ All of us could take a lesson from the weather.
It pays no attention to criticism.

~~~ Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars
and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents?

~~~ In the 60's people took acid to make the world weird.
Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

~~~ Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.
I've come to realize it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

~~~ There's a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers
exactly what the Universe is for & why, it will instantly disappear and
be replaced by something even more bizarre & inexplicable.
There's another theory which states this has already happened.

~~~ How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes
a whole box to start a barbecue?

~~~ Doctors can be frustrating. You wait a month-and-a-half for an
appointment, and he says, "I wish you'd come in sooner."

~~~ You read about all these terrorists, most of them came here
legally, but they hang around on these expired visas, some for as long
as 10-15 years.
Now, compare that to Blockbuster: you're two days late with a video and
these people are all over you. Let's put Blockbuster in charge of immigration!

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Whats on your ipod

to name a few on mine i have lots of blue gass lots lots of Texas swing and some big band stuff and some rock and roll i also have three file called travlin rock and roll travlin swing and travlin blue grass for when I am doing a road trip on the bike. plug it in turn it up and burn up the miles.

Well you did ask for anther story....
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I was shopping in a department store in Liverpool when I noticed the sign for the loos. I had heard people talk about 'fags' hanging around in toilets etc so I decided to take a look. I went in and was faced with a very small corridor, there was another door on the left which I opened and went through. The loos were in a long room; all the toilets were along one wall with 4 urinals near the doorway and beyond there were around 6 stalls. The room appeared to be empty to I walked passed the urinals and into the first stall.

I dropped my jeans and sat down, looking around I could see the walls covered in graffiti, lots of messages about sucking cock and requests for meets etc. I sat there for quite some time reading all the messages and gently stoking my dick, the messages really turned me on as this was the first time I had read anything like this. As I continued reading and slowly wanking I saw a message which read "fit 19 in the student's union loo every day from 4", I knew the union building as I passed it every day on the bus. I decided that the next time I passed I would get off the bus and take a look. Then I spotted a small hole on my right hand side, it was at eye level and I knew that the urinals were on the other side of that wall. I moved closer and looked through, I could see the urinals clearly but there was still no one else in the loo, but I realised I should get to see some good looking lads if I was patient. Then I heard the door open and a few footsteps, I moved my eye to the hole and looked through - it was a middle aged man with a fairly small dick, he pissed, shook his dick a couple of times and then rolled the foreskin back and forth before a final shake and then left. I sat and waited again.

The door opened again and so I moved to look through the hole, but there was no one at the urinal, I kept looking expecting someone to come into view at any time. Then I heard the door close on the stall next to mine, I just sat there expecting not to get to see anything this time. After a few minutes I realised that there wasn't any noise coming from the other stall, I mean absolutely nothing, this peaked my curiosity. I leaned forward to see if I could see someone's feet, but what I actually saw was a hand on the floor being quickly snatched back out of view. Although I was new to all this I realised that someone was trying to check me out. I moved forward once again but this time dropping to my hands and knees, I looked under the stall and there was a lad looking straight back at me. I kneeled up so that he could see my hard dick and then began to stroke it slowly, almost straight away his arm reached under the partition and grasped me, he didn't even try to wank me off he just held it and squeezed it tightly from time to time. I could see his head almost resting on the floor looking me up and down (well, more up than down cos I was on my knees). Then his hand pulled away and I heard the toilet flush and his door open.

I was really disappointed I just assumed he didn't fancy me. I sat back on the toilet and thought I would just have to have a wank. Then there was a gentle tap on my door, it was so quiet I'm surprised he thought I would actually hear it. He tapped again, I stood up, my dick was rock hard but I wasn't sure how to react. I pulled up my boxers and jeans but didn't fasten them, I unlatched the door and he slowly pushed it open. He stood there his eyes moving slowly down my body until he reached my crotch, the top inch or two of my dick was sticking out of the top of my boxers and his eyes fixed on it as he slowly reached for his own crotch. He cupped his hand over his own dick and began to squeeze it through the material. He must have been about 19 or so, 5' 11"ish, dark hair and slim build.
I lowered my own jeans just enough to completely release my own dick and he took a step forward. I moved back to allow him into my cubicle and once he was inside he locked the door as I was undoing his belt, I released his pants and let them fall to his ankles and we moved closer together and we embraced and kissed each other passionately. His dick was already hard and we ground our hips together as we kissed, I could feel his hardness against my own and the harder we pushed our hips together the harder our dicks seemed to get. He pulled his mouth away from my own and lifted my t-shirt up over my head and off, as he did this I started to unbutton his shirt which he removed completely. We embraced again and started kissing, each taking our turn to delve our tongues into each others mouths, the feeling of his body against mine was fantastic, the heat he radiated was beyond what I thought would be possible from another person.

He once again broke from my embrace and moved round to sit on the loo, his head was now right in line with my straining dick, he looked up at me and moved his hands slowly up my abdomen, across my chest, around to my back and then down to my ass cheeks where they paused. His eyes then moved down to my raging hardon, I could see the desire written all over his face, he lent forward and kissed it at its base near my balls, and then slowly up my shaft kissing and running his tongue over all 6". His head nodded quickly as he took my swollen bell into his mouth and his lips closed tightly around my dick, I could feel his tongue exploring every part of me as he slowly engulfed more and more of my dick. I placed my hands on the back of his head, I wasn't trying to guide him or force him I just wanted to have as much physical contact as I could. He speeded up and moved one of his hands round to grasp the base of my dick, he occasionally stopped sucking and continued to kiss and lick my dick and balls before returning to his sucking. I could feel my knees trembling with excitement and it wasn't long before I was close to cumming. I had to taste him first, so I reached down to his shoulders and lightly guided him to his feet, we then changed positions and I was now the one sitting and facing his dick.

I grasped it firmly with my right hand and took it immediately into my mouth, my left hand moved round to his ass and began to massage it firmly. I started to suck him hard and fast, guided by the thrusting of his hips, the aroma that I love so much was intense and I took as much of him as I could until my nose nestled in his pubes. I could already tell that he wouldn't last much longer and I began to feel his dick straining under the pressure, I increased my speed and grasped his cheeks firmly. He now had to support himself on the walls of the stall as he thrust deeply into my mouth, he grunted as he came and I took shot after shot into my mouth, I kept on sucking slowly until he withdrew. I stood up and he immediately grasped my dick and he began wanking me as he turned and kissed me at the same time, I shot my load against the wall. By now we were both sweating profusely and we paused to get our breath back.

We both dressed and then he turned to unlock the door, before he left he looked at me and smiled, he left and I waited a minute or two before leaving myself. During this entire episode not a word had passed between us and being so close to a complete stranger would prove very alluring to me from then on.

Jerkin' it music
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Anyone have suggestions on what music goes best with beatin' off with poppers?

How Old is Too Young
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I met this guy on FaceBook. We began talking and a few days after we met, we had cyber sex and exchanged nude photos.He even wanted me to drive to the city where he lives (110 miles away) so we could have sex. I told him maybe this summer sometime. I didn't go because it's a long drive and my car wouldn't make it. Well, come to find out he was 17. I'm 24. When I found out, I immediately broke it off. He called me a prick and deleted me from his FB. But, I just didn't want to risk it. 17 is pretty close to 18 but I already did enough illegal stuff with him so I didn't want to take it any further. Was this the right choice? what you anyone else have done?

Wednesday Little Chuckle
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philipp poisel live ☼✿♫
Views: 49 · Added: 14 days ago

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sorry but people who spam have no lives

A Message from Alan
Views: 116 · Added: 709 days ago

Alan has asked me to post a quick update regarding his status. Alan had a toxic reaction to the medications he was taking since the accident. Luckily it was found in time and he is OK. That is the primary reason he hasn't been around much.

From his note: "Give all my love, (well not all of it save some for Stephen) but a lot of it to Uncle Peter and my Big Brother Stees and everyone at GBT."

He is in a wonderful mood and will share updates with everyone I am sure in the near future.

And I want to thank all of you who have posted on prior updates and are keeping him in your thoughts.

Thomas (or as Alan says it is to be Dad)

charlies gang
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frankie hooper and tinker charlies gang they annoy me when i eating lunch but guess thats dogs for you -hooper is my friend the white dog he walked off and was lost in the woods for a week was found starving having suffered a stroke he wasnt put down but now has a funny walk and a crocked tail - giles

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what's your choice dildo or real cock

cam vids
Views: 146 · Added: 80 days ago

i notice many "cam vids" do not have audio. is there a reason for this? like a tech issue? i don't cam so i know nothing wbout such things

wont play
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After I download a video, most of them wont play. I have a shit load of different players that cover all formats.I get errors that say format is no good or file is corrupt. What going on.........
Thanks in advance,

Anyone from California?
Views: 367 · Added: 1213 days ago

Anyone on here from the Bay Area in CA?? I'm curious to see how many are on here.

Favourite photos
Views: 311 · Added: 1033 days ago

Has anyone recently experienced a problem when adding any photos to their favourites? as they're not appearing on my profile page.

a break
Views: 144 · Added: 561 days ago

Thanks for all the support my friends on here have given me since I joined, been through highs and lows. Going to take a break, this is said with a heavy heart. Thanks

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Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days,
Something so unbending and yet so precious, to
the point that I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone but you.
I see your hidden thoughts, hear you feelings that scream
out for me to listen to them. When my eyes close I dream
that the dream I’m living right now with you will
always be real, and that you’d love me still.
I never want you to doubt me, but even more I don’t want you to doubt
yourself. Without loving yourself, there is no route
towards loving anyone else. Time teaches us all of this,
to pay attention to the general and to the little things we miss.
I’d miss you, if ever you were to go away and leave
me, but deep down in my heart I’d always believe
that you’d have your reasons, and our parting
will not be infinite, but the beginning of something anew starting.
Time makes me ache for your touch, your connection I cherish
within all of me, and without it I’d surely perish
without any handicap. The way you’re able to seduce
my passion, able to sweet talk the recluse
inside of me that is the pleasure you create
whenever our hearts, minds, and bodies become one to relate
to one another for endless moments of bliss.
And to think all our time together was sparked,
by a kiss.

HI Everyone
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How is everyone. I have missed you all. I took a break from the site for a bit and been working very hard. I wanna hear from you all or PM me and I wanna get to you all thanks a bunch <3 Johnny

Happy Thanksgiving
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To all my friends out there...

Surprise ;-)
Views: 198 · Added: 134 days ago

Has anyone ever seen someone that they actually knew in one of these pics or vids jQuery18205238578279591298_1407567258686?

Info Request
Views: 1543 · Added: 1418 days ago

Anybody have any suggestions on how I might delete unwanted videos from my Favorites collection?


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What is the weirdest place you ever had sex at?

How are you?
Views: 196 · Added: 903 days ago


How are you? I haven't been on for a long time. I miss you. I wonder if everything is all right with you. I hope so! I wish you a wonderful summer! If you want to chat with me on skype, please add me Only 18-22 years old. Thanks.

Brayden Michaels
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Hi guys i am new here so add me thanks luv u all

Fill in the punch lne
Views: 184 · Added: 591 days ago

Three Russian twinks walk into a bar.

Views: 267 · Added: 793 days ago

Can someone tell me what the following words mean? I hear guys using them all the time and kinda get a bit confused -

Twink, Milkboy, Bear, queen

First time specifics......
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So....the first time you were with another boy to do **ANYTHING...**
Who was it? Did you know him before anything happened?
Who suggested it? You or him?
Did you want to or did you have to be "talked into it?"
What did you do? Come on specific......
Did it take some time or was it a "quickie?"
Were you errrr....."fully aware..." of what you were doing?
Did you ever get with him again?

Companionship camping holidays
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I am looking for a bisex boy and a girl to go together on camping holidays.

Views: 922 · Added: 1415 days ago

add me on msn if you want to have fun or add me on skype at rudeboy2606 :)

im a virgin
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wuts up ppl im a real virgin real talk... n i want to lose it anybody want to do the honors... i live n chicago. so if anybody is close enough let me know...

Views: 197 · Added: 1088 days ago

Would anyone like to chat, prefebaly under21's, have skype and msn, if so message me

Und schon wieder geil!!!
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Oh Mann.... Wie soll man(n) sich da konzentrieren k


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