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hello this is my twitter @christianjsearz

Final Thoughts
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hey send me a message if u wana have fun tonight

Meditation of the Week.
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Looking Into the Blue Sky.

I was 19 and had a 17yo mate who had long black hair, olive skin and a really cute body. In his indies he looked like an Indian Brave! Anyhow,we were driving back down the coast that summer and got all horny. It was quite late when we found a high-rise construction site and climbed to the top floor to take in the view. The energy we spent made us hot and even hornier
we 69'd till we both came, swallowing each other's warm cum eagerly. Then we slept until sunrise. We were awakened by a well-built young apprentice who found us naked in each other's arms in the early morning rays of the sun. He began fondling Chris, who sleepily fondled my already large and hard cock, thinking it was me that was stroking his beautiful curved cock.
We both suddenly became fully awake with a shock when the apprentice began to groan with pleasure as he stroked his own massive, juicy cock. We quietly enjoyed the best threesome ever to cum all over each other aloft at the same time.
So that is my "unusual location" story; it still makes me hard just remembering!

idk how
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i am stuck on how to put a profile pic and i choose one but it says that its to big and i dont know how to make the pic fit to make it my profile pic :(

download problems
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I also am having problems downloading. I get error message that says internet explorer cannolt connect to the server. this started yesterday.

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Living with my foster brother and sisters. Sometimes we are almost to close. Anybody experiences with this?

Want to learn how to sing Soprano?
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kicked in the balls

Seems this football place gives you a crash course lesson free.

Making videos private
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what happened to the ability to make your videos private? It is no longer letting me do that.

horny 18yo
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want to go c2c with me

What the fuck
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Has anyone found when you open up a vid there's a message do you want a sex partner in your city?

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i think we have been attacked again!!

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Has this happened to you?
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You post a vid or something which does not post to the site in the allotted time frame only to show up months later as an entry by someone else? What other site do those uploads go to? Just curious.

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I do not like the new set up to watxh videos or programming, I like the original.
Please go back to it. The new version is slow. please change back.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend
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Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend and if you do do they know about this site and are they on the site.......... i know its a long question

finding a great video
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Have been looking everywhere for a vidieo.This vid. is 6 British guy`s it is his 18th. and get`s blindfolded and has sex with all of them.Same guy in Cabin Boy

404 File not Found
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Why is it when trying to view some blogs, it comes up with 404 file not found. surely if the blog is removed for whatever reason, it should also be removed from the list of blogs?

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I managed to get the video "Poor Little White Boy" posted - take a look at it.

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i have a fetish for guys in tracksuits, it's orgasmic for me. i also love guys in white boxers and jeans. anybody got any unusual or weird fetishes

Article on homophobic bullying and suicide.
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This is a link to an emotional article from this months Rolling Stone.


please help me
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how do you delete a video of this

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if i remove ppl from my subscribe list do they also get removed from my freinds list??

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Hunted: the terror facing gay people in Russia

Did anyone get to see this documentary? I went to watch it and noticed its been removed from Youtube.

Best sex experience
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Share your best memory !

sexy eddie pictures
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take a look on my profile at the sexy eddie pictures and let me know what you think of him!

lol this game
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i found this game where you have to shot nude men but i did not kill them in the game and they got to close but i'm not telling you what they do when they get to close you can see for yourself here}

Saving Ryan's privates.
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I tried to upload a video of "Get real",(a programme that is humorous, semi-tragic,a must to view),forgive me, I digress.
I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay, and then tried to downloaded from the torrent.
After 77% had ben downloaded, it told me that it could not proceed.
Can one not download from torrents? I think I should be told.

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How do I upload photos? When I go to upload videos only come up...

Photo Albums
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Poking around and for some reason I cannot see how to add albums (photos)
Would be nice if I could as I have a number I would not mind sharing :)

Words I've Never Heard Spoken
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"Stop sucking my dick, I'd rather jack myself off." But, apparently, it's what every producer of gay-porn thinks we all want to hear and see...even videos of boyfriends usually end (if they bother showing a cum-shot at all) with the two of them jacking themselves off. I've never had a partner who preferred his hand to my mouth or ass, and I can honestly say I've never been with someone who made me feel I'd rather jack-off....what the hell is going onjQuery18206337792584634397_1406775247764

sex videos.
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I like to see young sex video, is there any?


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