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Thank You
Views: 321 · Added: 1013 days ago

Thanks to all who post so wonderful pics and videos on here You all help me shoot a wonderful cum load

Views: 285 · Added: 899 days ago

hey boys! i am wondering if nair works? i want to use it on arms, ass thighs for sure andif it doesn't burn then pubes. what do you guys think?

Pics on my page?
Views: 111 · Added: 190 days ago

Can any please tell me how I can get my pics back on my page..I see that the photo gallrey is back up but I still am unable to view the favs, or pics that I have posted....PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA
Views: 416 · Added: 47 days ago

Intercourse is near the villages of Bird-in-Hand, Blue Ball, and Paradise.,_Pennsylvania

looking 4 younger top in nc
Views: 1107 · Added: 1223 days ago

i am from hickory nc that is in search of younger top to either play with no strings or a something long term.

fist time oral
Views: 761 · Added: 1147 days ago

i'm having my first oral sex with a guy my own age soon . just wondering is there anything i should know or do ? lol

A Chat Room?
Views: 274 · Added: 692 days ago

Hi guys! Newbie here.. Brilliant site and thanks. Sorry if this post has been done to death before but, is there any chance in the future of adding a live chat site, to see who is online and erm.. chat to each other? I know chat sites need moderators, I'm sure there are 'sensible' users here who would give up time etc.. It's just a thought like... I DO know the hell that some sites descend too all too well. Would be nice though to have a chat room.

Thanks. hugs.

David xx

Views: 59 · Added: 119 days ago

Hey wer ist denn hier alles von Deutschland bzw. aus dem s

Giovanni's Room
Views: 46 · Added: 92 days ago

The oldest gay bookshop in America is about to close its doors after 41 years.

The owner of the store in Philidelphia said it was losing money and simply cannot continue - read about it here

Views: 701 · Added: 1304 days ago

anyone in the Hampshire area for my first time??

Interested In Doing Twink Porn?
Views: 377 · Added: 1099 days ago Sign Up and make a profile. a USA Twink Porn Producer can talk to you about modeling.

Views: 395 · Added: 867 days ago

1st i wana thank evryone for their comments on my comming out blog. u all were very supportive. no i luv the community feeling on this site and i like having freinds so if u want pls add me as a freind . thx

What about cum shot contests?
Views: 133 · Added: 163 days ago

What about cum shot contests?

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Young guys?
Views: 130 · Added: 264 days ago

We are a gaay couple living in Thailand looking for a guy to be a 3 some, maybe a gay son.

We can offer you all you need in return for LOVE and fun

Videos not showing
Views: 200 · Added: 601 days ago

I uploaded some videos 02/12/12(sat) but they have not shown yet.Any one else having same problem with videos not showing.

cam2cam skype gmail
Views: 290 · Added: 1100 days ago

zapraszam chatnych na wspolna zabawe przed kamerka :)

first time
Views: 407 · Added: 1048 days ago

i would like to ask, what can i do to relax my anus because i want my first time to happen and i dont want it to hurt. ive put one finger up about an inch and even that hurts a little. any ideas on how to get prepared so when i have sex for the first time to other guys penis doesnt hurt really bad when it goes in?

Views: 93 · Added: 47 days ago


Texting / Sexting.....
Views: 752 · Added: 1218 days ago

Any1 into texting? Or sexting?
Message me........

More pictures
Views: 318 · Added: 894 days ago

I think I will upload more pictures tomorrow. :)

swindon boy
Views: 412 · Added: 1011 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat (im very cam shy btw). add me on skype or message me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

P.S. if u just add me skype, plz includ age and location (must be below the age of 19)

new flowplayer sucks
Views: 116 · Added: 397 days ago

is anyone having as much trouble with the new flowplayer as me. It takes forever to start. I have to hit refresh at least three times to get it going.

Photo album
Views: 116 · Added: 300 days ago

Ive been trying to post some pics i took but it won't let me post them? is there some type of criteria you have to meet?

Happy New Year
Views: 86 · Added: 213 days ago

I want a whole community of GBT a good year in 2014 and that all your wishes are realized, I wish you love and meet someone with whom you feel good.
For me, my dearest wish, would be able to speak better English to be able to discuss with you.
Happy New Year everyone.

is it just me?
Views: 266 · Added: 926 days ago

videos that show nice looking guys having sex. russian vids are prime example. cute boys. they are not exited. not breathing hard. some are laughing, talking. it is guys who are truely turned on that get me going.

Those that are bullied...
Views: 249 · Added: 897 days ago

I have seen several stories in the newspapers and youtube vids about young boys that are bullied over their being gay and ultimately have taken their lives. This saddens me greatly and I hope if any of you ever hear of or witness acts such as this you will do something about it. I think young men such as them need to be loved and treated with respect. I watch the vids on here of the younger guys and admire the beauty of their bodies, but I also wonder too of their thoughts and dreams that go on behind their handsome faces. They have a lot of love in their hearts to give someone one day if they are allowed to grow and share what they have inside them. We need more sensitive loving guys in this cold world so help stop the bullying. If you see it report it and if you have a teen suicide hotline in your community support it either with your time or money or both. Together we can all make a difference.

Views: 112 · Added: 490 days ago

How do you add a profile background... its not working for me can anyone help?

Missing videos
Views: 198 · Added: 458 days ago

Hi all - I am a much older guy but I love this site and have uploaded a few videos, which seem to be appreciated. However, not all the videos that I have uploaded have ever appeared on the site. Can anyone tell me why. I contacted a user that I was told was the webmaster, but never received any sort of reply. I have recently uploaded a full length film called "Just 18" and for some reason that has not been accepted and shown, so who is it that decides what is accepted and what is rejected and how does one contact them? If I click "webmaster" at the bottom of the home page it tells me that this is not supported by the server. Nevertheless, this is still a lovely site with lovely people (contacts) and lovely videos.

Soooo how do you find old videos you have watched?
Views: 79 · Added: 78 days ago

Sooo how do you find old videos that you have watched but don't remember the title?

Views: 211 · Added: 632 days ago

i love lads and vids

Views: 147 · Added: 78 days ago

fuck me
Views: 122 · Added: 13 days ago

Any body want a virgin boy pussy

Views: 1245 · Added: 926 days ago


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