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Views: 163 · Added: 1226 days ago

vids keep fucking up wot its going on with them any one else got probs with them

any younger into bttm bears :)
Views: 283 · Added: 967 days ago

so wondering if there are any younger guys that are into older bttm bears? espially if they are in the nc area :)

check it out! btw please dont leave "sexual" comments and stuff like that on it.. i mean i dont care if its here and you fuck around here but on the you tube channel .. well its public and ide rather you not ;)

I need a teen to jerk off with me on web !!!!
Views: 126 · Added: 400 days ago

So i need an under 20 years old hot guy to jerk off of web :) anyone ? send me private message

my dirty ebook
Views: 156 · Added: 573 days ago

hey guys, I don't know if anyone here is into gay erotica but I recently self published my own if anyone would like to check it out. Hot stuff, and I have 2 more planned.

Also, any other good erotica out there?

>>>STALKER `wanniwi´<<<
Views: 154 · Added: 695 days ago


Writing that in my profile ====) TURN OFfs & this ENDless(?) STALKER `wanniwi´
i know that not only stalking me - so pls informate directly NiCK18 !
If there also other like him make it puBlic just in another
BLOG here for mayBE there is a chance to STOP such evil

By the way thank

Marriage Equality update for the state of New Mexico
Views: 97 · Added: 239 days ago

Lots of news in the state of New Mexico about Marriage Equality: 1) State Supreme Court upheld damages against a photographer who refused to take pictures at a same-sex commitment ceremony reception, saying the photographer is free to believe whatever she wants and say whatever she wants, but that state law prohibits discrimination by businesses; 2) The County Clerk in Dona Ana County (3rd largest in the state) started issued same-sex marriage licenses saying not to do so would violate the constitutional rights of same-sex couples; and 3) a judge in Santa Fe County (2nd largest) ordered the County Clerk to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses or 'show cause' why he shouldn't. The County Clerk immediately started issuing those licenses. There may be legal actions filed to try to block all of this, but the state of New Mexico is on its way forward.

Japanese teens
Views: 103 · Added: 37 days ago

I am looking for a video featuring jap teens jerking one of them. It was called 'Friend' If someone could post it that would be greatly appreciated. tkx

Anyone Have Streaming Problems on Mobile?
Views: 86 · Added: 374 days ago

I have a user that says hes having trouble streaming videos over 1-2min in the mobile section before it locks up. Do any of you happen to have any problems as well, and what are you connecting with?

top rated
Views: 651 · Added: 1148 days ago

when can we look the top rated list ??

Questions and wishes
Views: 370 · Added: 923 days ago

Hey, I am Micha from Essen in Germany. I tried to load up some videos, but i wasn't suggsesful

Please don't blame me for my bad englisch.

Haven't posted in awhile
Views: 92 · Added: 512 days ago

Hey guys, haven't been on in Awhile,, how's everybody doing? I'm still looking for ppl to text me. Please let me know if you want to :)

Judge rules for Ohio men's same-sex marriage
Views: 67 · Added: 273 days ago

It is still too early to tell if this case, or others like it, will result in same-sex marriages being recognized in all states in the U.S., even those where same-sex couples cannot get married, but it is encouraging.....

Private stuff
Views: 644 · Added: 1147 days ago

Are private Pictures and Vids still an option?

guys, i got tears of never known happiness right now seein the posts below. i mean for real ive known people hard as it is times for me to do it, but none like all you. i wish i could hug you all in rw but it dont matter that i cant cos i can tell you are so good hearted with kindness and im grateful so grateful. i had some frustration the last few days but i tell you that what you written has changed me heart and made me feel so so so good inside and way diff than when i came up to the roost at about 830 so tired cos all our tennies are back and they just pile up things for me to do and thats ok, but i was real tired and also a little sad. but i set me alarm to get up to refix page and change avatar ~original billybuddy is back to stay for good cos thats how you first knew me right~ so now, im like changed and feel like movie pal billy elliot when they ask him how it feels to dance and he says 'dunno its like electricity inside of me' you all given me that spark and now i want to work so hard to be better and better. its like a workout for me brain and it gets tired sometime but now its like i just take a deep breath and keep on with you like billys teacher in the film 'go billy go'. all i can say is thank you from deep in heart and soul. you give real spirit to 'when the power of love overcomes the love of power~ the world will know peace.' well, im just one queerboy on the planet and im sure sometime it will feel like i am still on the wrong one. but~ with you all as buddies, after i do some page fixup i am goin back to sleep and i know right now it will be good and peaceful cos i feel your real and true friendship!!!!! im over the moon and have a calm in me no medicine can make, thanks to you guys. hugs, kisses and real buddy love from me to you each and every one of you ~billy

How to get a video removed?
Views: 128 · Added: 305 days ago

there is a video on here that I would like to be removed.. How can I get it deleted?

Terrific t-shirt
Views: 578 · Added: 1147 days ago

On a site called milkboys, they had a picture of a normal looking kid with a t-shirt that said "I'm not happy as in gay but queer as in fuck you." Terrific philosophy to kive by. I'd vote 7 or 8 times for a presidential candidate with that motto. Barney Frank comes close but no one would vote for short ugly guy.
Please post on this site. I'd love to use this photo as avatar rather than my ugly face. That t-shirt says pretty much everything you'd want to know about me at the age of 64.

Historical Day
Views: 97 · Added: 455 days ago

The nation will honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday – the same day as it celebrates the inauguration of the first black president to his second term.

Anyone in Austin Texas?
Views: 60 · Added: 138 days ago

I just moved here for college, and I kinda want to let loose. When I was back home, I was so inside the closet. I still am and I just want to find someone to talk to and maybe more if we connect. About me? Well I'm 5'6 130lbs, hispanic. I'm not only looking to hook up but I also want a friend. I havent made out or done anything with a guy in 5 years.

A 13-year-old Jewish boy has used his Bar Mitzvah speech to call for same-sex couples in his home state of Oregon to be granted the right to marry.

Watch the video here:

Can't upload pictures
Views: 551 · Added: 1222 days ago

When I click on the upload button, it only directs me to an upload video screen. How do I get to an upload picture screen? Thanks.

Are members Ok
Views: 485 · Added: 1146 days ago

so many members wait 2000 years between logins===let's organize a search party

Deleting Videos
Views: 3353 · Added: 1013 days ago

I got a question about the emails I get concerning new videos. I get alot of emails telling me that a new video has been posted. So many that it is starting to fill up my mailbox. My question is if I delete the mail does that mean I won't be able to see the videos?

Views: 133 · Added: 729 days ago

Nick18, is there a way to get my iPod touch to upload pics?

hidden cameras?
Views: 175 · Added: 695 days ago

would porn be free if you had hidden cameras on you?

Apologies and thank you's
Views: 167 · Added: 615 days ago

Thanks so much to everyone for all your messages, there's been so many, I'm sorry I've not got back to everyone yet ... but I promise I'll reply to you all soon.
Thanks again, love and hugggs
Bob xxx

Anyone know the name of this porn star?
Views: 122 · Added: 191 days ago

Anyone know the name of the stud with Elijah in this video?

My profile pic is not showing!
Views: 389 · Added: 923 days ago

I uploaded a new profile pic and its not showing. The dimensions are 95x118 and I uploaded it as a jpeg. Does it need to be uploaded with a different suffix? Please help.


Views: 72 · Added: 66 days ago


Slow downloads and downloads that dont finish..
Views: 51 · Added: 54 days ago

I love the is free! But when I try to dl big files......the dl is usually very slow and if the file is real just stops downloading.......frustrating!

Is it mejQuery18207069138848151779_1393540617567???



deleting pics of your own folder
Views: 475 · Added: 1145 days ago

hey, i want to delete some pics in my own published folder but there is no option for that. can you please give me an advise how to do that? thx a lot!

Manchester (UK) Meet
Views: 203 · Added: 807 days ago

Any fit lads fancy getting together to watch some horny twink pics n vids?

Im slim, smooth and fit, aged 31, will go on cam so you know im genuine. Can travel only. Message me lads.

Up load gone faster
Views: 136 · Added: 728 days ago

Just up loaded a 4 minute vid it took 8 minutes, has any one else found this


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